Jason is the only recruiter in Shanghai that I will ever use. He will go above and beyond to find a school that really suits you. His caring approach sets him far apart from other recruiters in Shanghai. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a teaching job!

I just sent Jason my resume, diploma, TESOL certificate and told him what I was looking for. He immediately set me up with my first interview and that’s the job I happened to take and am loving! He is very easy to work with and the perfect liaison between foreigners and employers. I highly recommend

I was looking for a teaching position in a limited amount of time due to my visa situation and got recommended by a friend. Jason offered me various schools to chose from, from this, he helped me secure a wonderful job in one of the most reputable kindergartens in Shanghai. His services are reliable, helpful and he would be the only recruiter that I would recommend in China. Jason’s personal and professional approach is something a lot of recruiters lack and his services were faultless. I’m grateful to Olies in finding me fantastic teaching position – they really are a 5* recruiter!

Jason is an excellent recruiter whose experience has always shone through and provided me with resources that helped gain a greater insight of the position. Which in turn made the interview easier as I knew a lot about the job I was applying for. I am very grateful for his perseverance and expertise in finding me a role that suited my circumstances. He kept me updated with feedback, and was very encouraging. Jason is definitely an experienced recruiter and he will be the first person I get in touch with the next time I’m looking for a new challenge. For a reliable, considerate service, with a recruiter like Jason who genuinely cares about your application, I would look no further than Olies.

Olies definitely first listens, assessed honestly and then personalized the openings most suitable to me. And in fact I now work as an expat principal at a fantastic school for a growing and legitimate education group in Shanghai because of Olies placement. So I’m a fan.

I’ve worked with several recruiting agencies in China. What makes Jason stand out, and the reason I’ve given his company 5 stars, is because aside from his help in finding me my current job, I like the chat group he has set up. He pays close attention to it at all times, answers all questions posted and carefully moderates so that there is no disrespect or racism. I really appreciate his attitude to equal opportunities. Thanks again Jason! I’ve already recommended you to several people

Olies Education Group helped my wife and I find excellent positions in Shanghai. We can say first hand that he is reliable and efficient in finding ideal positions in Shanghai. He has great jobs! Keep up the wonderful work and excellent service!