I recommend using Jason from Olies Education Group if you are looking for a teaching job in Shanghai. He works hard to find schools and matches candidates. His dedication to you sets him apart from many other recruiters out there. Thank you Jason and Olies Edu!

I always recommend Jason at Olies Edu to friends for finding teaching roles. He listens to your requirements and only suggests jobs that meet your criteria. Olies Edu advertises jobs that are not found with any other recruitment agency; that is how confident schools are with using their services. They put forward suitable candidates for likewise suitable jobs.

Olies definitely first listens, assessed honestly and then personalized the openings most suitable to me. And in fact I now work as an expat principal at a fantastic school for a growing and legitimate education group in Shanghai because of Olies placement. So I’m a fan.

Olies Education Group was an excellent service to use to help me to find my teaching job in Shanghai. Prior to relocating to China, I was residing in the UK. I simply added Olies Edu to my WeChat contacts and was provided with an up-to-date list of available teaching positions. The information in the job listings was detailed and informative and I was able to quickly find some suitable opportunities. I then messaged the service to express my interest and they were very prompt to reply and were able to contact the schools directly on my behalf. The service was very helpful, particularly with organising Skype interview times and following up on progress. They even messaged once I had started my position to check that I was settling in ok. Overall, a friendly, professional and useful service that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. Thank you Olies Edu!

I’ve worked with several recruiting agencies in China. What makes Jason from Olies Education Group stand out, and the reason I’ve given his company 5 stars, is because aside from his help in finding me my current job, I like the chat group he has set up. He pays close attention to it at all times, answers all questions posted and carefully moderates so that there is no disrespect or racism. I really appreciate his attitude to equal opportunities. Thanks again Jason! I’ve already recommended you to several people

When I entered the work force in 2017, I had no idea where to begin. It was easy to feel overwhelmed with so many choices, and Olies Education Group helped me narrow my selection during the process. My recruiter from Olies Edu helped me find a job I love that met all my specifications. I feel really lucky to have found an recruitment agency that prioritised my preferences and well being!

Olies Education Group helped my wife and I find excellent positions in Shanghai. We can say first hand that he is reliable and efficient in finding ideal positions in Shanghai. He has great jobs! Keep up the wonderful work and excellent service!

Jason at Olies Education Group is my go to recruitment guy! I cannot recommend him highly enough. He has got me 2 interviews for jobs I would never have applied for on my own, thinking they were out of my league. Whenever anyone I meet tells me they’re job hunting. His is the contact card I send.